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Wanpy Dog Toothbrush Chews Beef Flavor

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Wanpy Toothbrush Chews Beef is a tasty toothbrush that will help in the care of your pet's mouth.

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Wanpy Toothbrush Chews Beef is a tasty toothbrush that will help in the care of your pet's mouth.

Treats are used in addition to the main diet of dogs and puppies of all breeds from 3 months of age.

Wanpy Toothbrush Chews is made in the form of a miniature toothbrush, on the surface of which there is a relief of various textures, it helps to clean the dog's teeth from plaque, helps to massage the gums and strengthen the jaw muscles, and also prevents the formation of tartar.

If you're planning to train your dog to use a toothbrush, which is a more efficient way of cleaning his teeth, Wanpy Toothbrush Chews are perfect for the transition.

Wanpy Toothbrush treats have an appetizing taste of beef, and also contain vitamins and trace elements that are good for teeth and gums.

Wanpy Toothbrush Chews are high in healthy protein and low in fat.

It promotes the activity of your pet, strengthens its health, immunity and helps to control the dog's weight.

Why you should buy Wanpy Toothbrush Chews dog treats:

  • 100% natural;
  • premium quality;
  • healthy chewing: the dense structure of the treats and the relief surface help gently clean the teeth from plaque;
  • contain vitamins and trace elements useful for teeth and gums;
  • prevent destructive gnawing;
  • help transition to using a toothbrush;
  • weight control: have a low fat content (0.5%), which is important for sterilized dogs and pets prone to obesity;
  • with a high content of useful protein to support the health and activity of your pet, strengthen immunity;
  • healthy digestion: well digested, easily absorbed;
  • have an appetizing taste of beef;
  • do not contain sugar, salt, artificial flavors;
  • easy to store: packaging with a Zir-Losk lock keeps the treats fresh.

As a snack between meals for dogs and puppies older than 3 months. Always provide a sufficient supply of fresh water for the dog.

WARNING! The absorbent inside the package cannot be fed to the pet, it is needed only to prevent the formation of moisture inside the package.


Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature not higher than 30°C. Do not allow direct sunlight or moisture to enter the package.

Protein - 30%, fat - 0.5%, fiber - 1%, ash - 5%, moisture - 16%.

Vegetable protein, glycerin, starch, brewer's yeast, vegetable oil, tea polyphenol, dietary fiber, beef extract, dyes allowed in the EU and Ukraine (E141, E160a).


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